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We live near the Superstition Mountains of Arizona and the desert surrounding them.  In the spring when the desert is in full bloom, what an incredibly beautiful and memorable sight to behold!  Particularly in years that receive more rain during the winter, the blooms are even more plentiful and vibrant.  Occasionally, seeds will even come into bloom that may have laid dormant for years. When that happens the "in full bloom" season of the desert is even more inspiring!  

I (Vicki) recall one of those moments when I decided to live my life "in full bloom."   It happened right before my birthday when it suddenly dawned on me that, "I'm turning 50 in a couple of months, and if I live to be 75, then I have already lived 2/3's of my life."  With that thought came a sudden awareness of the brevity of life, and of no guarantee that I'd make it to 75 since several friends my age had already crossed over.  I became acutely aware that I had a lot more yesterdays than tomorrows!  And yes, I had a good life, but I suddenly knew I wanted to live more fully, more passionately, more intentionally.  I didn't want to be held back by any fear or shame that still reared it's head occasionally.  I was aware of doing too many activities that neither fed me emotionally and spiritually nor aligned with my life's purpose, and not enough activities that brought me genuine joy and a sense of meaning.  Of course, I had no way of knowing how much longer I had to live, but I suddenly knew that I did not want to waste any part of what could be the last 1/3 of my life.  I was ready to go beyond what was easy and comfortable at that time and to step into new territory, to go all out.   At that point, my prayer became, "God, do anything within me you want, do anything with me you want, and do anything through me you want."  That was not an easy prayer then, and truthfully, it isn't so easy to live that out now, but it has turned my life into an adventure.  No, not an adventure of traveling around the world, or facing my fears of snakes and roller coasters, but an adventure of living out of what I'm passionate about, bringing about a greater good in the world, helping others to become free enough to live out of how they were designed and what they are called to do, and hopefully, to inspire others to live their lives "in full bloom."  

What hopes and dreams, gifts and abilities are laying dormant in your life, waiting to be watered to come into bloom?   What adventure could potentially be waiting for you?  What is holding you back?  

"In Full Bloom" coaching is a little different than much of our coaching. Normally, we start with asking everyone to do an exercise called, "The Life Satisfaction Wheel."  Through it you evaluate 12 areas of your life and your level of satisfaction with each of those areas, and then we'll talk about what you want to be different in the areas where you have the least satisfaction.  Most coaching sessions will focus on exploring what steps you may need to take to make the changes you desire.  If you decide, though, that your goal for coaching is about taking steps toward living your life "in full bloom," then we'll also ask you to do some other self-assessments that would focus on: (1.) What you are passionate about; (2.) What your strengths and gifts are; (3.) What you value most; (4.) What you believe that either expands you or limits you; (5.) What your purpose is.  

If desiring to live your life "in full bloom" is something that resonates with you, we hope you will contact us.  

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