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If life is a journey, how would you describe yours?  Heading in the direction that is right for you, or completely off course?  Cruising the open road, or sitting in a traffic jam?  Smooth sailing, or choppy waters?

Another way of saying that is, how much do you feel stuck in patterns of behavior or negative beliefs that limit your freedom to live with meaning and purpose, happiness and contentment, or to be authentically in relationship?  Are there hopes and dreams you believe you can't fulfill, no matter how hard you try, because something keeps getting in the way?  How much is your past interfering with your present?

The Ultimate Journey is a 3-phase process of helping people learn how to fully live with the awareness that they are incredibly loved and valued, that they are truly free, and that they can be a channel through which God's love flows out to help a hurting world.   

Phase 1:  "Unpacking Self-Deception" - In this 12 week group, participants will explore the lies they have come to believe about themselves, others and God, based on the experiences they had across their developmental lifespan, infancy through adulthood.  Participants will also learn how to develop their "Adult Ally," or the part of them who is wise, strong and compassionate, and who can address those lies and provide acceptance, nurture, comfort and truth to the younger parts of themselves.

Phase 2: "Abandoning Self-Reliance" - This 12 week group helps participants learn how to give up simply relying on themselves to make life work, and to live out of trust that God cares and provides.

Phase 3: "Embracing Self-Surrender" - This 12 week group helps participants to learn how to surrender to what God wants to do through them, allowing the Spirit of God to flow through them.

Going through Phase 1 is a prerequisite for Phases 2 and 3, however, registering for Phase 1 does not automatically mean you are committing to doing Phase 2 or 3.  It is always your choice as to what groups you participate in after Phase 1.  Phase 1 groups are limited to 4 people per group.  

The Ultimate Journey comes out of Christ-Life Ministries in Des Moines, Iowa, which offers 3-day intensives or Turbos for each phase.  For more information about this program, contact me today by calling 847-849-7140 or email me at [email protected]

12-week Ultimate Journey groups meet on Saturday mornings, 9:00 - 11:00 AM in Mesa, Arizona.  Cost: $40 per session.  Groups are currently cancelled due to Covid-19 but will resume at later dates TBD.  

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