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None of us made it to adulthood without experiencing some hurtful things along the way that left a negative imprint on our heart and mind.  If we had someone in our lives at that time to protect us, comfort us, and tell us the truth about what it meant, then it's likely that it left a smaller imprint than if we had to handle it alone.  But if no one came to help us, no one protected or comforted us, no one guided us in interpreting it's real meaning, most children will start to believe some things about themselves, about other people, and about God, that just aren't true.  They start to believe lies...negative things that may feel true, but from God's perspective, they aren't truth.  For example, a kid who is bullied by peers or older siblings may come to believe that, "I'm weak," or "I'm a victim," or "I have to make someone be less than me in order to feel ok about myself."  A child who only receives love and approval if they perform well will likely come to believe that, "I have to be perfect," or "I'm only lovable for what I do, not for who I am."  A child or teen who experiences some kind of sexual abuse or assault may come to believe, "I'm unworthy of genuine love," or "I'm bad or dirty," or "It's my fault." 

Any number of things could have happened that were the origin of the lies that someone believes...parent's conflictual relationship or divorce, a geographical move, a loved one dying, or something catastrophic, such as some of the natural disasters - hurricanes, wild fires, floods -  that have occurred in America in the last few years.  It also doesn't have to have been traumatic to have been the origin of a lie, for example, a very young little boy whose parents praise him for not crying when he gets hurt may come to believe that, "I have to be tough.  I'm weak if I cry."  A child who received praise and affirmation for always being helpful to others may have grown up believing, "It's not ok for me to have needs.  I only matter if I am doing for others.  I have to take care of everyone else."  These negatives beliefs can also be the origin of feelings of shame or insecurity, fear or worry, hurt or sadness, anger or resentment that can persist into adulthood, interfering with us living out of our truest design, or carrying out our purpose, and not living that Abundant Life that is talked about in the New Testament.  

"Immanual" literally means, "God with us."  Immanual Prayer is a kind of prayer that gives you an opportunity for four things to happen: (1.) To experience Jesus' presence with you in those memories where you once were alone, scared, hurt, or whatever was happening; (2.) The lies you came to believe at that time are highlighted and the memories of where the lies originated and developed will often come to your conscious memory; (3.) To hear, see or sense Jesus lovingly and graciously revealing to the child or teen part of you the wonderful truth about who you really are in His eyes, and setting you free from the lies you had come to believe; (4.) Repairing and restoring an intimacy in your relationship with Jesus by being loved, forgiven and healed by him.   

Immanual Prayer is neither therapy nor coaching.  It is not a time for us to give advice or any recommendations.  It is about you, literally, connecting with Jesus and hearing, seeing or experiencing whatever it is that he wants you to know, and receiving his truth. 

It is possible to set up a time to meet in person or via secure video conferencing to do Immanual Prayer. 

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