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Spiritual Coaching is a form of Life Coaching focused on helping you not only connect with your own spirit, or your truest self, but helping you learn to listen for the Divine, to practice the presence of God in your daily life, and to learn how to find and live out your purpose on this earth.  

Spiritual Coaching can help you:

Develop practices for connecting with God in your daily life.

Understand more of who God designed you to be and what you are called to do with your life.

Discover your life's Mission.

Find God in your life story, and use whatever pain or brokenness you have experienced to bring deeper meaning into your life and greater good into the world.

Break free of any patterns of toxic, shame-based religion.

Practice forgiveness.

Come to love yourself the way God loves you.

Increase grace, gratitude, contentment and joy.

Find and use your Spiritual Gifts.

Leave a legacy.

Become a channel through which God's Spirit flows to bring love, light, truth, and peace into the world.

Our perspective is formed out of the historic Christian faith with it's emphasis on love, compassion, grace, and redemption, as seen in the person of Jesus Christ, but we will be respectful of whatever faith tradition you embrace.  

Spiritual Coaching can be done in person if you live in the Mesa, Arizona area, or via phone or secure video conferencing if that is more convenient for you.  

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