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Life is a journey, and along the way in both of ours, we were fortunate to be taught that "God loves you very much."  Unfortunately, we were also exposed to a lot of shame-based theology mixed with some childhood traumas that interfered with us feeling loved by God.  We knew it was true, but it didn't feel true.  What seemed more true was that there were a lot of rules we had to follow and things we had to do to be good enough to earn God's love and blessing, and to go to Heaven.  An important part of our adult years has been about becoming free of that shame and fear, and embracing our truest identities in Christ.  This journey we have been on, for many years now, has given us a lot of opportunities to discover and re-discover that God's love, mercy and grace are far deeper, wider, bigger, and better than we could ever imagine.  For the past 48 years that we have journeyed together as a couple, Allen has been a pastor, a police chaplain, and an officiant for many Life Celebrations.  For 28 of those years, Vicki has been a mental health practitioner.  We both have hearts for helping people to truly feel loved by God and be more attuned to God, to embrace how God designed them, and to become free to allow the Spirit to move through them, carrying out God's purpose and plan for their lives. 

While we truly have supported each other's individual work through the years, the journey has now led us to develop a combined vision.  That is how Eaton Coaching and Life Celebrations came into being.  So, whatever phase of the journey you are in, whether just beginning or starting to wind down, it would be a privilege to walk with you on your journey as you learn to know and embrace who you truly are in Christ, and you seek to live out your calling and purpose.  

As trained Life Coaches, we basically have two goals:  First, it is important to us to be a resource to you as you make whatever changes you want to put into effect in your life, so that you wind up having a life that is worthy of celebrating. Second, if you desire, we can also co-create events with you to celebrate the major milestones or transitions in your life or your family's life, such as weddings, funerals or other Rites of Passage events.  .  

For more information about in-person sessions or secure video conferencing sessions for Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Life Celebrations, Immanual Prayer, or any groups/seminars, call or email us.  You can reach Allen at 847-707-2879 or [email protected], and you can reach Vicki at 847-849-7140 or [email protected], or you can contact us via the "contact us" page on this website.