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Funeral and Memorial Services

 Funerals and Memorial Services

At some point, every family faces the difficulty of dealing with the death of a loved one.  It is usually a sad and anxious time.  If you have a loved one who has died, I (Allen) would consider it an awesome honor to coach you in planning the funeral or memorial service for your loved one, or in officiating the service.  I have officiated hundreds of such celebrations, and I am told that I come across as having known the deceased for years.

Sadly, funerals or memorial services are often times that any family conflict that has been brewing underneath the surface for a while, comes up and spills over.  I have coached many families to find a way to work together in honoring their loved one during this difficult time.

 Living Eulogies

A eulogy at a funeral or memorial service honors the life of the person who has died, and it reflects upon the ways they touched the lives of those around them.  A "Living Eulogy" works the same way, except it is delivered while the person is still alive.  It is a way to celebrate them and to express how much they have meant to their family and friends, while the person is able to still receive the sentiment.  


An urn with a red rose
Releasing the Ashes Ceremonies

If you choose to simply have an internment service at a cemetery or to scatter the ashes of your loved one at a location having great meaning to them and you, I would be honored to assist you in planning and conducting this ceremony.                


Pet Funerals

Many of us have experienced the death of a family member that rips at our hearts and spills out our eyes in tears, that of our beloved pet.  I have officiated at pet funerals and would love to assist you in planning and conducting a service that celebrates the life of your pet and his/her impact on you and your family.  

A memorial photo of a pet

I would love to talk with you about any of the above, or any other way that I can assist you during a loss.  You can call me (Allen) at 847-707-2879 or email me at [email protected] for more information about ways I might be able to coach you through these difficult times.  I take all inquiries as a privilege to serve you. ; 

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