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Vicki Eaton, MSW, MRE,

Board Certified Life Coach

"Helping people become free so they can live out of who God designed them to be and carry out their mission on earth," has been my mission in life for many years.  For 29 years as a counselor/therapist, I have worked primarily with people who were struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD or were attempting to process a difficult transition in their life.  My work as a Life Coach, though, is about facilitating people to turn their life into a great adventure... learning to listen to their truest self, living out of their passion and purpose, developing skills in self-compassion and positive self-care, developing resilience, raising their happiness level, and connecting with their spirituality.  

My educational background is a Masters in Social Work from the University of Illinois at Chicago, a Masters in Religious Education from Southern Seminary, and my training in Life Coaching is through The Institute for Life Coach Training. 

You can reach me at 847-849-7140 or at [email protected] 


Allen Eaton, M.Div.

Life Coach and Celebrant

"Walking with people through the phases and circumstances of their lives," is my mission in life.  As a former Pastor and  Law Enforcement Chaplain for several decades, I have come alongside people in both difficult circumstances and in times of celebration. As a Life Coach, I am passionate about assisting people in discovering and calling forth the gifts and resources our Heavenly Father has given them, so that they may experience the peace, wholeness, significance, and joy God has promised.  I also assist people in planning for and officiating in celebrations that commemorate their various Passages of Life.  

My educational background is a Masters of Divinity from Southern Seminary, and my Life Coach training is from Coach Training Alliance.  

You can reach me at 847-707-2879 or [email protected]

We lived in the Chicago area for 40 years, and now we are on a new adventure!  In 2019, we moved to Mesa, Arizona, where Vicki received her Arizona license to be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  She has opened a new psychotherapy practice here, and for more information on that, check out her website at www.vickieatontherapy.com.  Allen continues to be involved in facilitating life celebrations through weddings, funerals and memorials, and Life Passages Celebrations.  What we are most excited about, though, is being Life Coaches and facilitating people to develop a life that is adventuresome, meaningful, genuine and is a reflection of their truest self and their Life's mission!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!  

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