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The day you get married is one of the most significant days of your life.  It should be enjoyable, beautiful and meaningful to you, your fiance, your friends and family.  Through the years, I (Allen) have helped to celebrate hundreds of wedding ceremonies in Illinois and other states, and in numerous venues.  I would delight in co-creating a ceremony that would reflect your hopes and dreams, your love and commitment, your personalities and values, and your cultural and spiritual traditions.  It is important to me that you be as involved in planning the ceremony as you would like, but I also offer a variety of meaningful options from which you can choose.  Weddings can sometimes be a stressful time, but I am known as an officiant who brings a sense of humor and calmness to the events of the day.  

Sometimes married couples would like to renew their vows, perhaps to mark a milestone in their marriage, such as a 25th anniversary, or to symbolize a sense of new growth and re-commitment.  I would consider it a privilege to help you design a ceremony that is reflective of what you desire your marriage to be at this time in your lives.  

Here is the process I follow:

1.  An initial contact via phone or email.

2.  A "no-obligation" meeting together for you to meet me face to face, for me to hear about your dreams for your day, and for you to hear about my services.  I will then give you a contract for you to take home, read, and send back to me should you want to work with me.  I would need to hear from you within one week in order to reserve that day in my calendar.

3. Meet together either in person or via phone or video conferencing to discuss and design your special day.

4.  Rehearsal

5.  Arrive early on the day of the ceremony to provide support and bring a calming quality.

6.  Officiate the ceremony.

7. Do the official papers so your marriage is registered with the state you live in.

8.  Say a prayer of blessing at your reception if you so choose.  

If you are considering having a friend or family member officiate your ceremony, I can also coach them as to how they can help your day be as special as possible.  

I am an ordained minister, having served as a pastor and a police chaplain for many years.  Call 847-707-2879 or email me at [email protected] to talk about working together to have the celebration of your lifetime.