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"Care Like Jesus"

This is a 4-hour seminar for men and women who feel a calling to be an encouragement in the lives of people in their community.  The spiritual gift of encouragement involves coming alongside people faced with life's challeneges to strengthen, motivate and console them so they mature in their walk with Jesus.  There are five goals for this training:

1.  To affirm that all persons are gifted by God to thrive, regardless of their circumstances.

2.  To equip encouragers with basic skills, empowering them to walk with people through challenging circumstances.

3.  To make sure encouragers understand the importance of establishing healthy boundaries in their ministry.

4. To introduce encouragers to resources available that they can offer those in need.

5.  To assist encouragers to tap into the spiritual resources God wants all his children to rely on while doing life together.  

This seminar can be held for staff and volunteers of churches, and other not-for-profit and missions organizations.  Contact Allen at either 847-707-2879 or [email protected]